Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to be super fit to attend?

Not at all! Warrior Women Retreats caters for all fitness levels, it’s about having fun, learning new movements. Tam has been a coach for 13 years and works with women of all ages and fitness levels daily. We aim to set you up with some awesome fitness tools to take home with you. 


Do I need to have done yoga before I attend? 

Absolutely not, Nic has an amazing way of making every class cater for all levels with beginner and advanced options. Our Retreats give you the opportunity to try out some yoga for the first time in a smaller group environment or if you’re a seasoned Yogi you will definitely be challenged, or perhaps even get to see your regular practice in a new light!  


What’s the minimum age? 

You will need to be 18 years to attend.  


I am thinking of coming by myself. Is that ok? 

Most definitely. Lots of women attend by themselves, we make the travel transfers easy and can give you advice on where to stay pre and post retreat. You will meet like-minded women, and we've already seen our guests make some continued close friendships on Retreat. 


Are flights included? 

No.  We have guests from so many locations and wanting longer stays so flights are not included, our guests arrange there own flights, but we are happy to assist you with the best ones to purchase.  


If I am already fit will it be challenging enough? 

Have you met Tam haha YES! 


Is it ok to attend if I have injuries or conditions that limit my movement?

Absolutely.  Both Nic and Tam are highly qualified and more than happy to work with modifications needed to suit the individual in all sessions.  Nic's Yoga is adaptable as a very safe and rehabilitative method so you are in safe hands.  We do need to know all about your conditions prior so we can accommodate for you.  Please let us know details in our questionnaire.


What is the average age attending?

We have a rather broad age range with majoirty of our guests between 20 to 40. However we have had a number of women up to 70 attending who have an amazing time too - it there is no limit, it's up you.


Will I have downtime during the day? 

100% there will be plenty of time to relax by the pool/beach or go exploring the local area, we want you to have a balanced holiday with time relaxing.  Our sessions are in the morning before breakfast, and afternoon, then after dinner, plus we have one adventure day.


Do I have to organise my own transport to and from the airport?

On the first day of Retreat we offer pick ups and also drop offs on the last day to the airport.  However if you arriving at the retreat venue prior to the starting day, or leaving after our final day, you will need to arrange your own transport.  Please note the specified locations advised for pickups & drop offs prior to booking your accommodation.