Meet Tam & Nic

Nic Whiteman is your Yoga & Meditation teacher on retreat. With over 25 years of Yoga experience, 15 years as a Yoga Teacher, she has hosted over 20 international and local retreats in the last 10 years, her passion lies in sharing the practice of breathwork, meditation and alignment of the body in postures (Asana) so others can experience the strength (Stirrha) and peace (Sukkha) this practice makes available to every one of us.  Nic's training includes expertise in modifying a Yoga practice and fitness training to accommodate for injuries and conditions so no one is left out.  With simple tools and self awareness we have the ability to transform.  Nic loves being a part of this journey for others - finding the peaceful warrior, awake and aware so we can make conscious choices to create our own healthy and happy life, with an inner strength and determination to take on whatever challenges we may be faced with.    Read more

Tam Kerr will be your physical, mindset conditioning and nutrition coach on retreat. With over 10 years experience coaching and mentoring women in the fitness industry Tam's passion lies in transforming womens self confidence and mindset through physical training. She teaches women to Be Fearless and not afraid to take on life head first, to live in the moment and let go of the past, to take care of their bodies and their minds. To show women that with every moment in life there is an opportunity for passion, fun, love, and connection. See testimonials below for more on how Tam has ben a positive impact on women's lives. For more on Tam's experience and qualifications read more


"Tam Kerr has certainly made a huge imprint in my life since meeting her 6 years ago.  I was at a point where I wanted to make changes for the better & decided to join Pink Bootcamp. After attending my first bootcamp session (a killer hill session) I was hooked! I was a regular attending every day to group classes and personal training sessions with Tam. Tam was always pushing me to my limit (not without a lot of whinging haha) entering in many events from Tough Mudder’s to14km Run’s (way out of my comfort zone). I soon decided to enrol and complete my Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness to also become a Personal Trainer. Tam had certainly inspired me to jump at the opportunity to follow my dream & help makes positive changes in other people’s lives. Tam has always been an incredible mentor, both as a trainer and also as a friend. She has taught me sooooo much particularly when it comes to mindset and self belief. I know for certain that I am where I am today both personally and professionally because of Tam. I have completely transformed my attitude on life and how to handle everything it throws at me - good and bad hehe :) I happily travel 1.5hours most weeks to get my butt kicked by this incredible woman (sometimes I wonder why with the torture she puts me through :P) I have learnt so much from her & I know my clients can tell the difference the weeks I have trained with Tam. I couldn’t recommend Tam more highly, she is an amazingly king hearted, yet tough trainer who will undoubtedly pull the best out of you! Thank you so much for transforming the Jaime that jumped in on her first PBC session all those years ago to who I am today - I am so lucky"   Jaime, Bowral

"I have attended 5 retreats with Nicole and can highly recommend them. Nicole is an extremely skilful teacher, the best I have met, absolutely world-class I reckon! I have not seen or experienced other teachers attend to participants with the care and individualised attention they do at any other class or retreat. She knows how to teach in a way that brings out the best possible practice in everyone in the room.   Her retreat in Bali  was sensational for strengthening mind, body & spirit! It's amazing how different you can feel in 4 days when you have a world class teacher guiding your practice. If you would like to recharge YOU and looking for an experience that will nourish your body, mind and spirit register now – highly highly recommended!! Thank you Nicole for such a wonderful retreat. You are the gold standard of yoga teachers! "   Sandra, Sutherland Shire

"Words can not begin to describe how much Tam has help me with my journey. I have suffered from anxiety and depression over the last year and having Tam as my trainer, my mental health has improved dramatically to a point where people say I’m a new person. She is kind, compassionate and a fantastic trainer. I never feel overwhelmed or anxious training with the amazing Tam. There have been a number of times I have walked into the gym with tears (no real reason behind them) and Tam’s calm and gentle approach leaves me feeling nothing but short of amazing after our session together. Tam just shines with a passion for helping women become happy within themselves which of course ripples on through my personal life. Mental health issues or not Tam is the trainer for you. She simply brings out the best in you as an individual."    Keira, Sutherland Shire 

"I've just returned from my second amazing retreat in Bali under Nicole's physical and spiritual guidance. I joined the retreat with a heavy mind and a soul that needed to be rescued. I came with an open mind and surrendered myself in hope of transformational change. I wasn't let down. Through yoga, meditation, chakra realignment, massage, nourishing food, and surfing I was able to experience an entire mind, body and soul detox. Nicole provided a safe, loving and compassionate environment that was conducive to the needs of all yogi's. I can't wait to see what she'll plan next year."  Denise, Sydney